Availability, Prices, Discounts, Booking Procedure


The calendar below shows which NIGHTS are booked. The changeover day for bookings is usually Saturday, so a booking block starting on a Saturday would mean a check-in on that Saturday afternoon, and the block would finish on a Friday with check-out the following Saturday morning.
However, we are happy to consider other changeover days.

Check dates for your intended stay in the calendar, and also prices from the table below. There might be discounts on the displayed prices depending on your party size or composition, so it is worth checking with us.

Then contact us to make a booking or if you have any questions:
Email: bookings@les-deveses.com
Phone: +33 6 11 08 80 96

Days marked "Vacant/Inoccupée" are extra days between bookings to allow more thorough airing and cleaning of the house.

Check-out is by 10am and check-in between 1600 and 1900 hours. However, Later (check-out) and earlier (check-in) times are normally possible, so please enquire.


2021 - Prices in Euros

This Autumn we are changing the rental facilities and will soon publish details and new rates for 2021.
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do contact us.

How to Book

Confirm Availability and Pricing

You should telephone us or email to confirm availability and pricing.
Email: bookings@les-deveses.com
Phone: +33 6 11 08 80 96

Confirm Booking with a Deposit Payment & the Booking Form

Once you have agreed booking dates and price with us, we put your dates 'on hold' for a limited time while you confirm the booking. We send you a Booking Form specifying dates and prices and number of people, along with Terms and Conditions.
The Booking Form also shows details of a UK bank account to which payments should be made.
We tell other potential clients that a booking is in process of being completed, and would thus appreciate a speedy confirmation of the booking.

The Booking is confirmed by:
  • Payment of a 25% partially refundable deposit. There is a sliding scale for the refund of the deposit until four months before arrival date. See Terms and Conditions on the Booking Form.
  • Completion and return of the Booking Form. This sets out the Terms and Conditions of the rental, for the period and rate agreed, and for the number of people that will be staying etc.

Payment Timings

Booking conditions are shown in detail in the Terms and Conditions which are on the Booking Form we send out to you before you book.

The payment timings are as follows:
  • 25% Rental Deposit Payment - To be paid on booking, to confirm the booking
  • Final 75% Rental Payment - To be paid by one month before date of arrival
  • Security Deposit €400 - To be paid by one month before date of arrival
  • The Security Deposit is refunded to you by direct bank transfer at the end of your stay after property inspection. We do expect wear and tear but, rarely, we might make a deduction for unreasonable breakages etc.
  • Refund terms are detailed in the Terms and Conditions on the Booking Form, but in brief they are show below.


If you need to cancel a booking, we try to offer as much flexibility as possible in refunding your payments.
  • In all cases, we will do our best to find another renter to take the vacant slot, and if we can, we will refund your payments made, less any difference in rental and a management fee
  • If the rental agreement is cancelled by the client four months or more before arrival date, the percentage of the payments refunded would depend on the number of months before arrival when cancellation is made - See Terms and Conditions
  • If the rental agreement is cancelled by the client between four months and one month before arrival date, the deposit paid will be lost, but if any other payments have been made, they would be refunded
  • If the rental agreement is cancelled by the client within one month before arrival date, all payments will be retained by the Owner (deposit and final balance)
  • At any time, if the Security Deposit has been paid, it will be refunded in full

...and just to repeat: We would try to re-let the cancelled period if possible, and refund any payments less the difference in rental rate achieved and also less a small management fee as shown in the Terms and Conditions.